Why a Mortgage Professional?

Top 10 Reasons Why:


1. We save you Time

With an experienced and well-informed associate, you simply aren’t expected to become an expert!  We are always working towards your best interest and helping you to make the smartest decisions when faced with complex choices.


2. We handle the Details

We will assist you in navigating through the obstacles and guide every transaction when dealing with the real estate agent, lender, appraiser, lawyer, credit agency and whomever else is apart of the deal while always maintaining your best interest as top priority.


3. We offer you Choice

We have direct access to every major Canadian lender with some lenders only being accessible through a Mortgage Professional. Whether it be a chartered bank, trust or Insurance Company, or private lender, each offers a wide variance on the products and services they offer and I will ensure that you are aligned with the right one! 


4. We help you avoid unnecessary Risk

We can help identify available products that may have unforeseen penalties, fees and charges saving you yet more time and money throughout the mortgage process.


5. We have Negotiating Power

We have established relationships with lenders thereby increasing my negotiating power on your behalf.


6. We am governed by Ethics and Professional Conduct

In dealing with a Mortgage Professional you are dealing with someone who belongs to both RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) and CAAMP (Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals) thereby agreeing to actively uphold the most ethical and professional standards for anyone in the market for a mortgage product.


*The AMP DesignationDifferentiates mortgage professionals from others in the mortgage industry. It demonstrates our commitment to providing you, the borrower with the highest level of service while finding the best mortgage solution suited to your needs.


7. We are in it for the Long Haul

Our commitment to you, as a client is to always be there for you should questions arise surrounding re-financing options, first investment property options and anything else that may arise regarding you mortgage possibilities. We are always here for you.


8. We provide Convenience

We understand the time, stress and questions involved when dealing with either the purchase of a first home or any additional property purchases after that. Our goal is to ensure that the process is seamless for you. Whether that means meeting at your home, a coffee shop over your lunch break or anywhere else that is convenient for you, our goal will always be to make sure we fit into your life and not the other way around.


9. We conduct One Credit Enquiry

We conduct one credit enquiry on your behalf and use that same information to seek out the best rate from numerous potential lenders. Rate shopping on your own could actually end up harming your credit score and in turn effect the rates and mortgage that you may be able to qualify for as each separate lender will pull their own credit enquiry thereby making the credit bureau take note and possibly weaken your credit score.


10. We have access to Rate Promotions

You may not even realize it but just like many other industries there are sales and promotions in the mortgage world as well. We will be aware of any such promotions going on and if they will work for your particular situation. 


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