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Term Rate
1 Year 2.29%
2 Year 2.19%
3 Year 2.34%*
4 Year 2.49%
5 Year 2.64%*
7 Year 3.39%
10 Year


ARM / Variable 2.15%*
Line of Credit 3.10%*
Qualifying Rate 4.74%
Prime Rate 3.00%


*Highlighted Rates are only offered for a limited time.  Additional Unpublished rates may be available, please email me @


Applying for a mortgage can be confusing!  How to proceed?  Fixed? Variable?  Term?  It's a lot to take in!  But it gets even more complicated!  When you visit an institution or mortgage consultant's site, several other options are presented and available.


What you see to your left, are the best available posted rates.  This is commonly referred to as regular rates.   With these rates (and on approved credit) the only real limitations are the time frame that the rate can be held/secured after pre-approval. The advantage to this type of arrangement is that you have the ability to make lump sum payments, double up and (if times are tough) even skip a payment. 


Another option that is available is the "too good to be true" no frills mortgage.  These arrangements exchange a lower interest rate for your freedom to exercise some of the benefits cited above.  The only "real" advantage to this the lower rate.  Unfortunately, the minimal pre payment options, top up options, quick close/slow approval contingencies may NOT be worth it for fractional savings.  Its really hard to predict what kind of curve balls OR successes life will deal you in your five year term!  Perhaps you'll get a promotion, lose your job or need to move.  With a no frills scenario, the only real way to get out of your mortgage is to sell your house (with consequence) or a larger than normal penalty.


We will always provide you with the most up to date rate information available.  However, we prefer to meet with you in person to present you with an accurate scenario of what you qualify for, what is available and propose a suitable match.  That way, half way into your term, your expectations are managed and you are always equipped to make the best decision for your situation.   Maybe the additional suite of features doesn't apply to you.  Then again, maybe it will later on.  Let's figure it out together!


Before making a decision, please contact us and set up a thirty minute, no obligation consultation.  We'll perform a thorough analysis and we'll also discuss unpublished rates that our lenders offer.  In many instances, this may help you achieve the best of both worlds!  We're here to help! 1-888-378-2821.


*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
*Conditions Apply





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